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Connecticut Public Television Garners Seven Emmy Awards, Pacing the Nutmeg State Field

Contreras: ‘Cross-category recognition showcases depth, strength of our journalists; underscores public’s thirst for thought-provoking, original programming’

HARTFORD—[June 29, 2021]— Connecticut Public—home of Connecticut Public Television (CPTV)—led the field of in-state organizations garnering seven Emmy Awards at the 44th National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) Boston/New England chapter awards ceremony held on Saturday, June 26.

“I am so tremendously proud to work alongside so many talented professionals at Connecticut Public, including those who were recognized by the Academy by 16 nominations and these seven Emmy Awards,” said Mark Contreras, President and CEO of Connecticut Public, which is home to CPTV and Connecticut Public Radio. “The cross-category recognition they received—from education to health, history, lifestyle, politics, and discerning fact from fiction in news reporting—showcases the strength of our journalists and underscores the public’s thirst for thought-provoking, original programming.”

“At Connecticut Public, we strongly believe that local stories continue to matter and our colleagues’ work show that loudly and clearly,” said Tim Rasmussen, Chief Content Officer of Connecticut Public.

In all, the NATAS Boston/NE chapter received 1,009 entries from 116 television stations, production companies and other media entities across the six New England states.

CPTV earned Emmy Awards for the following entries, which feature links to the programs:


A Path Forward – Technology And Sustainability

Ryan Caron King, Videographer; Tim Rasmussen, Executive Producer; Carol Sisco, Supervising Producer; Julianne Varacchi, Visuals Director; Mario Troncoso, Producer, Editor; David Wurtzel, Videographer; Maegn Boone, Production Manager; Sam Hockaday, Motion Graphics; Glenn Goettler, Audio; Lori Mack, Narrator


Boxers Take On Parkinson’s At Connecticut Gym 

Tim Rasmussen, Producer; Julianne Varacchi, Producer; Ryan Caron King, Videographer, Editor


Atomic Vet Goes Back To Jazz School 

Julianne Varacchi, Producer; Ryan Caron King, Videographer, Editor; Joe Amon, Videographer


New England Gardening With Charlie Nardozzi (Spring 2020 Edition) 

Tim Rasmussen, Executive Producer; Julianne Varacchi, Producer; Carol Sisco, Producer; Maegn Boone, Producer; David Wurtzel, Videographer/Editor; Kevin Kuhl, Videographer/Audio; Mike Dunphy, Videographer; Charlie Nardozzi, Host/Producer; Sam Hockaday, Motion Graphics; John Gibson, Graphics


The Vote! A Connecticut Conversation

Tim Rasmussen, Executive Producer; Frankie Graziano, Reporter; Julianne Varacchi, Producer; Jeff Cohen, Producer; Ryan Caron King, Visuals Producer/Videographer/Editor; Mike Dunphy, Videographer; Maegn Boone, Production Manager; Sam Hockaday, Motion Graphics; Tyler Russell, Videographer/Editor; Joe Amon, Videographer/Audio; John Gibson, Graphics; David Wurtzel, Editor; John Henry Smith, Host/Producer; Brenda Leon, Reporter; Alexandra Oshinskie, Reporter; Glenn Goettler, Audio; Kevin Kuhl, Audio


Ground Intelligence: John Moore Covering COVID In Connecticut

Andre Costantini, Producer/Videographer/Editor


Fake: Searching For Truth In The Age Of Misinformation

Tim Rasmussen, Executive Producer; Mario Troncoso, Producer/Writer/Director; Carol Sisco, Associate Producer; Jeff Cohen, Associate Producer; David Wurtzel, Associate Producer/Editor/Videographer; Julianne Varacchi, Associate Producer; Tyler Russell, Videographer/Editor; John Gibson, Graphics; Mike Dunphy, Videographer; Sam Hockaday, Motion Graphics; Ryan Caron King, Videographer; Catie Talarski, Associate Producer; Lori Mack, Narrator.

About Connecticut Public:
Connecticut Public is home to Connecticut Public Television and Connecticut Public Radio, which together serve nearly one million citizens each month, as well as many digital and online platforms. Through our mission to inform, educate and inspire the people of Connecticut, we connect people of all ages to high-quality journalism, storytelling, education, and experiences, and amplify the voices of our diverse communities.  Connecticut Public is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, with a $22 million annual budget, funded primarily through community support from individuals, foundations and corporate sponsors.


The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is the premier and most recognized non‐profit organization dedicated to the advancement of excellence in television and media.