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The Connecticut Office of Early Childhood

The earliest years of a child’s life have a huge impact. They shape who that child will grow up to be, affecting their future health, education, and success. That’s why the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood (OEC) oversees a network of programs and services that help young children and families thrive. Making an impact right at the start with families of young children will have benefits that last a lifetime.

Check out our videos to celebrate the wonder of early childhood, and offer tips and strategies for families statewide.

Pyramid Model

Pyramid Model

The Pyramid Model for Supporting Social Emotional Competence in Infants and Young Children promotes young children’s healthy social and emotional development. Check out tips and strategies to handle specific challenging behaviors in the little ones you love and care for.

  • Improve Challenging Behavior
    All children are learning how to interact and express themselves. And the adults in their lives can help! Help teach your child what you want them TO do instead of focusing on what they’re doing wrong.
  • Helping with Transitions
    Transitions aren’t always easy, especially for our little ones. Children live in the moment, and don't think of time the same way adults do. There are fun ways to help children understand timing and manage transitions.
  • Teach About Emotions
    We all have emotions - and our children need help learning about theirs! Help your child understand and express their emotions by teaching them to label their own feelings and those of others around them.
Little Wonders

Little Wonders

From birth to age 5, children's brains are rapidly developing. Little Wonders is here to help you help your little one from the start. Through singing, speaking, reading, teaching and loving, we have resources to help develop your little one into a little wonder.

  • Brain Development
    A baby's brain is truly amazing—forming a million new brain cell connections every second! How well a baby's brain develops depends on the interactions and care it receives.
  • First 5 Years
    The first 5 years of life are critically important for building the foundation of the brain that will support a lifetime of learning, loving and living.
  • Forming a Structure
    Every time you care for a young child, your words, your hugs, your smile, and your love form the structure on which a child builds its future.
  • Learning Through Play
    There are many ways to help children learn, but the best way is through play! Playing with kids helps their brains grow as they experience joy and wonder, learn to share, and connect with you, among so many other benefits. Little Wonders is created and produced by the State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.
  • Talking Boosts Brain Growth
    Did you know that talking with your child from Day One boosts brain growth? Be your baby’s tour guide to the world, and respond and converse with them from the very start! These early years set the stage for a lifetime of communication and wonder. Little Wonders is created and produced by the State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.
  • Routines, Safety, and Brain Growth
    When it comes to kids, routines help them feel safe and secure. And with safety and security comes brain growth! The safer they feel, the more brain space they have to take in the world around them. Add a routine to your day today. Little Wonders is created and produced by the State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.

Little Wonders is created and produced by the State of Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.

Learning resources for curious families are supported by The Hearst Foundation, The Robert & Marguerite Derx Foundation, The Susan Howarth Foundation, Andy and Bonnie McKirdy and CT Humanities.