At Tinkergarten, part of the Highlights for Children family, our classes and curriculum make purposeful, outdoor play doable for families and teachers.

Watch any of these 10 Tinkergarten Home lessons to get kids inspired to go outdoors and play! Click here to learn more about all the ways Tinkergarten helps families and teachers get kids ages 1-8 learning outside. 1, 2, 3… Let’s play!

Feathered Friends

Learn more about birds and lend our feathered friends a helping hand by turning a pine cone, orange, or other object into a bird feeder!

Stone Soup

Turn a few stones, water and a container into an imaginative feast using whatever “ingredients” you can find in your outdoor space.

Marvelous Mistakes

Using paper and colorful treasures from nature, explore ways to turn a mistake into a masterpiece!

Spreading Smiles

With just a few strokes of a marker or chalk, turn objects from nature into "smiley friends" who can help you to spread joy!

Making Faces

Stimulate your senses and learn more about emotions as you create a mud face to express how you feel!

Mystery Walk

Take a walk about to search for animal tracks or make your own tracks using playdough, mud and objects from nature—with the help of printable animal track cards!

Pulley Play

Use simple materials to build your own simple machine. Then exercise your muscles and your senses as you experiment with your pulley!

Let's Balance

Explore balance and experiment with weight using simple, everyday objects!

Frozen Friends

Experiment and persist as you free objects from ice!

Nature Nectar

Use the treasures around you to turn a container of water into Nature Nectar!

Learning resources for curious families are supported by The Hearst Foundation, The Robert & Marguerite Derx Foundation, The Susan Howarth Foundation, Andy and Bonnie McKirdy and CT Humanities.