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Leadership Giving Overview » Ways to Make Your Leadership Gift

President Signs Retirement Plan Legislation into Law

The President signed into law the omnibus spending bill that included Secure 2.0, new retirement plan legislation that builds on the SECURE Act of 2019. Secure 2.0 aims to expand Americans’ ability to save for retirement and increase their options for doing so. Click here for the highlights.

Ways to Make Your Leadership Gift

Thanks for your generous commitment of support! Contributions can be made as a one-time gift, as a pledge or through monthly installments. Leadership gifts start at the level of $1,000 annually. There are many ways to make your gift to Connecticut Public, and the Institutional Advancement team is happy to assist you or answer any questions.

Credit Card / EFT

Donations may be made online by Credit Card or EFT (Electronic funds transfer.)

Mail a Check

We are pleased to accept gifts made by check payable to Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc. (Tax ID number 06-0758938). Mail checks to the attention of Institutional Advancement, Connecticut Public, 1049 Asylum Ave., Hartford, CT 06105-2411.

DAFs (Donor-Advised Funds)

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are an excellent way to simplify the administrative work of your charitable giving, increase your tax benefits, and facilitate your strategic philanthropic goals.
As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization, donors can designate their DAF gift to Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc.

DAF Direct

If you have an account with Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable or BNY Mellon, access the DAF Direct link to make a gift conveniently from your account. Fill in the institution, the designation (how the funds are to be used) and the gift amount.

(The link above is for convenience only, and is not an endorsement of either the linked-to entities or any products or services.)


Interested in donating your cryptocurrency? Contact Holly Winters, Senior Director—Major Giving at hwinters@ctpublic.org or call (860) 275-7344.

Gifts of Stock

A gift of stock can bring meaningful financial and tax benefits to both you and Connecticut Public. Stock transfer instructions are available and include DTC and account number as well as Connecticut Public’s Tax ID number (06-0758938).

IRA Charitable Rollover

If you are 70 ½ or older, you may be able to lower the income and taxes from your individual retirement account (IRA) withdrawals. An IRA Charitable rollover is a way you can help continue our work and benefit this year. Congress reinstated a law that allows you to make a tax-free gift from your IRA. This law no longer has an expiration date so, in most cases, you are free to make annual gifts to us from your IRA this year and well into the future.

Potential Benefits of an IRA Rollover:

  • Avoid taxes on transfers of up to $100,000 from your IRA to our organization 
  • Satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year 
  • Reduce your taxable income, even if you do not itemize deductions 
  • Make a gift that is not subject to the 50% deduction limits on charitable gifts  

How an IRA Charitable Rollover Gift Works:

  • Contact your IRA plan administrator to make a gift from your IRA to Connecticut Public
  • Your IRA funds will be directly transferred to our organization to help continue our important work 
  • PLEASE NOTE – IRA charitable rollover gifts do not qualify for a charitable deduction

Please Notify Us About Your Stock, Donor Advised Funds or IRA Rollover Gift.

Contact Holly Winters, Senior Director—Major Giving at hwinters@ctpublic.org or call (860) 275-7344.

Become a Member of our Visionary Society

There are various ways of creating a legacy gift that will fit into your financial, tax, or estate goals as well as maximize your philanthropic giving. There are several options for making a planned gift.

Please consult your tax advisor for specific advice on your estate planning.

Giving through Wills and Trusts

Naming Connecticut Public in your will or trust is one of the simplest and most lasting ways to create or continue your legacy. Gifts through your will or trust offer many advantages. There is no limit on the federal estate tax deduction for gifts through your will. Your assets remain in your control during your lifetime. You can always change your mind if circumstances change. Most importantly, a bequest provides you with the assurance of knowing how your assets will be used after your lifetime.

There are different ways to make a bequest gift. You can name Connecticut Public to receive a specific gift (see sample language here.) You can also name Connecticut Public to receive the residual of your estate after specific gifts are distributed to others and all expenses of the estate are paid.

To learn more, watch this informative video webinar on The Essentials of Estate Planning.

Life Insurance

By naming Connecticut Public as the beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy, you may be able to make a gift without reducing the savings you need for current and future expenses. For example, you may have one or more policies which were originally purchased to provide for children, augment retirement funds, protect a home mortgage, or provide for estate taxes and may no longer be needed for that purpose and now can be used as a gift to Connecticut Public. You can even name Connecticut Public as a contingent beneficiary in case your primary beneficiary does not survive you. As a nonprofit organization, Connecticut Public will not pay taxes on this gift and the full amount will be put to work supporting our programs and services.

Life Income

Charitable gift annuity
A charitable annuity offers you the ability to support Connecticut Public’s work and receive an annual income to you for your life. This gift can provide you with numerous tax benefits. Your rate of return is based on your life expectancy using tables provided by the National Committee on Gift Annuities.

Charitable remainder trusts
Charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) pay income to you for your lifetime or for a specified number of years, after which the assets you placed in the CRT go to Connecticut Public. CRTs offer partial charitable income tax deductions, potential for increased income, as well as, up-front capital gains tax avoidance.

Gift of remainder interest in residence
You may give the remainder interest in your personal residence(s) to Connecticut Public. You continue to live in your house and maintain it throughout your lifetime. This is an irrevocable gift. Your income tax deduction, which may be taken during the tax year you make the gift and over five additional years, is based on your life expectancy and the appraised value of your property.

Charitable lead trust
You may establish a charitable lead trust to provide a stream of income to Connecticut Public for your lifetime or for a term of years. When the trust terminates, the assets in the trust will revert to you or your heirs.

Retirement plan gift
Assets held in a qualified retirement plan can be one of the most effective ways to support Connecticut Public.

Please notify us if you have included a gift Connecticut Public in your estate plans.

For more information or to request a free guide to Planned Giving, contact: Holly Winters, Senior Director—Major Giving at hwinters@ctpublic.org or call (860) 275-7344.

Grants & Foundations

Collaborations with private, corporate, and family foundations, as well as funding from government agencies, play a critical role in supporting the work of Connecticut Public.

To discuss how your foundation might collaborate with Connecticut Public, please contact: Ipsita Ganguli, Director of Foundations and Special Projects at iganguli@ctpublic.org or call (860) 275-7306.

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