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Understanding gender roles and bias in early childhood development

A child draws a rocket on a concrete wall with chalk as a dog looks on.
Getty Images
A child draws a rocket on the wall.

According to Professor of Developmental Psychology Christia Spears Brown, focusing on gender labels for children has a major impact on how those children view the world. This hour on Disrupted, we explore how kids experience gender and stereotypes, including how parents impart biases on their children and what we can do about it.

We also hear from a professor of English who breaks down the language we use around gender and about her story growing up as a queer child in Bloomfield, Connecticut.


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Kevin Chang Barnum is a producer for Connecticut Public Radio’s weekly show Disrupted. Kevin grew up in Connecticut and started his radio work at his graduate university’s radio station, KUCI. He has also worked for HRN, a network of food and beverage podcasts.
Emily Charash is a podcast producer for Seasoned and Disrupted. She also produces branded podcasts for museums, cultural institutions, and businesses. Emily grew up in Newtown, Connecticut and loves UCONN women’s basketball!
Catie Talarski is Senior Director of Storytelling and Radio Programming at Connecticut Public.
Dr. Khalilah L. Brown-Dean is an award-winning scholar at Wesleyan University, author, and host of 'Disrupted' on Connecticut Public.