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To the Ends of the Earth

To the Ends of the Earth started as a gallery, then a limited edition three-book set, and finally a series of hour-long documentaries for public television, complete with soaring orchestral score. The stunning photographs and HD video illustrate what humanity and the natural world have in common, pushing boundaries – those things that forever bind our fates together.

To the Ends of the Earth: The Natural World – Oceans

Latest Episode

With wildlife photographer Todd Gustafson, discover the beauty of the underwater world, as Jane Goodall and Todd narrate and bring the story to life. Todd shares insights on sea life and provides an extraordinary exploration of the world’s tropical seas. Through Todd’s lens the viewer gets an eye-level look at stunning underwater life, including coral reefs, whale sharks, giant manta rays and more.

To the Ends of the Earth: The Natural World – Pushing Boundaries

In this vibrant and engaging documentary, professional wildlife photographer Todd Gustafson brings viewers to eye level with the world’s most dramatic wildlife. Through Todd’s lens, we explore the human condition in nature and the life imperatives we have in common with the natural world. Explore expanded horizons, traveling from the driest deserts in Africa all the way to the mountainous Himalayas – all from the comfort of your living room.

To the Ends of the Earth: Birds of East Africa

Introduced by esteemed conservationist Jane Goodall and narrated by National Geographic's Bill Jones, this documentary focuses on what humanity has in common with other species. Wildlife photographer Todd Gustafson captures stories of competition, courtship, family, hunting, and flight to illustrate the hidden lives of East African birds. In the film, Gustafson, who was raised in Tanzania, points out techniques he has developed throughout his renowned career, including how to “read” wildlife behavior and capture decisive moments as the drama of the birds’ lives unfolds. Follow him on a thrilling look inside the life-and-death, day-to-day existence of storks, bee-eaters, kingfishers, eagles, and more.

To the Ends of the Earth: East Africa

Tour the incredible landscape of East Africa and see the amazing creatures that inhabit it in this documentary. To the Ends of the Earth: East Africa features the videography and photography of award-winning wildlife photographer Todd Gustafson and the narration of Dr. Jane Goodall. Over the course of an hour, viewers discover the life-and-death, day-to-day existence of zebras, giraffes, elephants, and more as they struggle to survive in an environment that is slowly disappearing. The camera lens captures the dramatic moment of a kill; the touching image of a mother lovingly grooming her young; the tense stand-off between two males as they fight over a mate; and the heart-stopping instance as a mother gives birth to a new offspring while wondering if a predator is on the hunt nearby.