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Episode 10

Season 1 Episode 110 | 42m 24s

Pedro's friends find the old soldier and take him to the smuggler. In the hideout, they devise a plan to reveal the identity of the officer who stole Pedro's brother, since the soldier only remembers his face. Eloísa returns to the port in search of revenge.

Aired: 12/31/23
Distributed nationally by American Public Television
After a long day, Daniel and the kids sing a quiet lullaby for Baby Margaret.
Ride along to school with Daniel, Katerina, Prince Wednesday and O the Owl!
Follow the quest to recover DNA millions of years old for the very first time.
Like monkeys, parrots are also able to travel by suspending their body weight.
Explore the engineering behind Paris’s iconic landmark, the tallest structure of its time.
Surprising new evidence is rewriting the story of the giant stone heads of Easter Island.
These giant stone heads were not dragged on sleds, as once thought.
Giant fossils uncovered in the Sahara Desert reveal new secrets of how whales evolved.
What is this whale skeleton doing in the Egyptian Sahara Desert?
Today’s whales look nothing like their ancient ancestor.
Latest Episodes
The Nazis are ready to smuggle their goods into Chile, but Pedro steals everything.
Josefina asks Antonia for help finding her fiancé.
Eloísa is fired from the British Hospital after the attempted murder of Gato,
Gaspar and the police are following false leads regarding recent events at the port.
Josefina blames Eloísa for her breakup with Gaspar, causing a scandal in Valparaíso.
Gaspar investigates port deaths linked to Pedro.
Gregorio is infatuated with Margot, but he must stop flirting due to his Nazi ties.
Gregorio kidnaps a child for his wife. Gaspar becomes the new police and fights Pedro.
Gaspar and Ramírez confront each other in the smugglers' neighborhood