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This show is so bad, it's good

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This hour, we’re celebrating things that are so bad, they’re good — the underdog ideas that fail so hard, they become successes. We’ll talk about contests that give awards for bad writing, perfumes that smell like animal butts, and a happy marriage that started with a comically awful first date.

Plus: a chance to vote on what "bad" show idea we should produce next!

To enter our contest or vote on the upcoming episode, email colinshow@ctpublic.org.


  • Adam Cadre: Writer in a wide variety of media who created the Lyttle Lytton Contest in 2001
  • Haldane King: Science writer and air quality researcher
  • Katy Kelleher: Author of The Ugly History of Beautiful Things
  • Betsy Kaplan: Senior producer emeritus for The Colin McEnroe Show
  • Jennifer LaRue: Freelance producer for The Colin McEnroe Show
  • Carolyn McCusker: Producer of this very episode of The Colin McEnroe Show
  • Jonathan McNicol: Producer for The Colin McEnroe Show
  • Lily Tyson: Senior producer for The Colin McEnroe Show

Colin McEnroe, and Cat Pastor contributed to this show. Thanks to scent consultant Tracy Wan.

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Carolyn McCusker helps produce The Colin McEnroe Show. She loves making true radio stories and listening to fake ones. In the past, she’s worked for NPR and WNYC, and she’s glad to be back at CT Public after interning in 2019. Carolyn can be reached at cmccusker@ctpublic.org.