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‘Riding the line between art and pulp’: A look at cult classic cinema

Tim Curry in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’
Stanley Bielecki Movie Collection
Getty Images
Tim Curry in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’

If I say “cult classic,” what do you think of? Probably an underground movie that built up an intense following over time, like The Rocky Horror Picture Show or The Room, right? Or maybe even something a bit more mainstream like The Big Lebowski?

But where’s the limit here, if there is one? Is Blade Runner a cult movie? Or Pulp Fiction? Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Office Space? Slap Shot? (I mean: Slap Shot?!?)

This hour, a look at a genre, a cross section of cinema history that seems to include everything from all-time classics like A Clockwork Orange to all-time terribles like Plan 9 from Outer Space and many, many weird and not-even-so-weird things in between: the cult classic.


This show was produced with Sajina Shrestha.

Photographed April 11, 2024, Kevin O’Toole of Culture Dogs talk about cult films on the Colin McEnroe Show.
Mark Mirko
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Colin McEnroe and Dylan Reyes contributed to this show.

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