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The Nose Tackles #llamas, the Robin Thicke Trial and the Dress That Broke the Internet

What did we talk about before there was the dress?  The dress was made for the Nose and vice versa. The Nose is our Friday session when we get smart, funny people together for a fast-moving conversation about culture. The dress -- an otherwise unremarkable striped number that popped up on the internet Thursday afternoon -- took over social media and people’s lives simply because people who were otherwise similarly rooted in reality could not agree on what color(s) it was. There is almost no way to write a sentence about how freaked out people got about that. The only thing I can compare it to is the famous Monty Hall problem, which has been known to provoke fistfights among people who cannot get on the same page.

Nothing will ever be the same. Not even this song.

So on this show, we talk about the dress, about the escaped llamas, and about the court battle between Robin Thicke, et al., and the estate of Marvin Gaye. One thing we kind of bungled on the show was the legal structure of that suit which -- we can now tell you -- seeks a declaratory judgment in favor of Thicke and his co-writers. And this link contains important information about why you shouldn’t drink out of Robin Thicke’s Nalgene bottle.

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