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The Splendid Table
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The Splendid Table has always connected people through the common language of food and eating. Now with award-winning food journalist Francis Lam at the helm, we're bringing forward even more fresh voices and surprising conversations at the intersection of food, people and culture – covering everything from the global appeal of sesame to the impact of Instagram on everyday eating. It's a food show where everyone is welcome. Produced by American Public Media.

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  • 781: Eating With Funny People
    This week, we're joined by two comedians to talk about their connection to food. First, Ivy Le, host of the podcast Fear of Going Outside. We quote, "Most nature shows are hosted by reckless white men, but avid indoors woman Ivy Le is an Asian mom with severe allergies. Last season, Ivy conquered camping. She's back, braving the outdoors to go hunting- or die trying!" Then, comedian Dan Ahdoot, the author of the new book Undercooked: How I Let Food Become My Life Navigator and How Maybe That's a Dumb Way to Live, talks to us about his connection to food and his family, his theories on relationships, and the journeys he's taken for a great meal. Broadcast dates for this episode: May 26, 2023 (originally aired)
  • 757: Home Cooking with Pros: J. Kenji López-Alt, Daniel Holzman, and Matt Rodbard
    This week, it's home cooking with the authors of Food IQ: 100 Questions, Answers, and Recipes to Raise Your Cooking Smarts. Daniel Holzman and Matt Rodbard bust food myths about cooking with frozen meat, and extoll the beauty of letting butter brown in the pan. Then, we visit J. Kenji López-Alt’s home where he gives us a lesson on cooking his favorite childhood dish, a super quick Japanese take on the Chinese classic, Ma po Tofu. Kenji is the author of the New York Times #1 Bestseller, The Wok: Recipes and Techniques. Broadcast dates for this episode: May 20, 2022 (originally aired) May 19, 2023 (rebroadcast)
  • 780: Spring Cookbook Roundup
    This week, we are celebrating the spring cookbooks of 2023! First, we talk with Chef Lara Lee about her approach to flavorful meals using iconic Asian ingredients from her pantry, including recipes for her stellar Tom Yum Bloody Mary and Sambal Patatas Bravas - crispy potatoes topped with a sambal spiced tomato mixture and a bit of mayo! Addictive! Her latest book is A Splash of Soy. Then, we get deep into flavor combinations with Niki Segnit, author of The Flavor Thesaurus. She talks us through surprising flavor combinations that will inspire and expand your home cooking adventures. Then, we talk African home cooking with Lerato Umah-Shaylor, author of Africana, and her delicious recipes filled with traditional and modern flavors of African cuisine. From yassa butter to bejeweled aromatic fried rice and her delicious Akàrà; deep fried bean fritters with ginger & spring onions. Broadcast dates for this episode: May 12, 2023 (originally aired)
  • 756: Up Close with Evan Kleiman, Host of Good Food
    This week, we spend the hour with the pioneering food radio personality, Evan Kleiman. We talk about her life and all the places food has taken her. She tells us about her travels across Europe fresh out of high school, learning to cook alongside her Italian host family, and falling in love with the cuisine. She went on to open one of the most respected Italian restaurants in the country, Angeli Caffe, in Los Angeles and eventually became the host of the award-winning radio food show Good Food. Broadcast dates for this episode: May 6, 2022 (originally aired) May 5, 2023 (rebroadcast)
  • 755: Special Sauce with René Redzepi, Diep Tran, and Khushbu Shah
    This week, we talk about different umami-packed sauces that belong in every cook's kitchen. First, we sit with René Redzepi of Copenhagen's Noma to talk about the delicious ancient sauce, garum. Originally it's a fermented fish sauce, but his fermentation lab team has developed modern versions, including vegan ones. We chat with Diep Tran, coauthor of the Red Boat Fish Sauce cookbook, to talk about ways to use the Southeast Asian fish sauce we know today. She left us with a delicious recipe for Seared Pork Chops with Broken Rice. Then, we sit with restaurant editor at Food & Wine magazine, Khushbu Shah, to talk about the greatness that is Maggi. Whether you know Maggi as a sauce, instant noodles, or bouillon cubes, it's beloved across the entire world. Broadcast dates for this episode: April 22, 2022 (originally aired) April 28, 2023 (rebroadcast)
  • 779: Fruits & Veggies with Abra Berens and Sheela Prakash
    This week, we promise you will get your recommended dose of fruits and vegetables! Award-winning author Abra Berens takes us on a sweet and savory journey with fruit. From best cooking methods to subtle and exotic pickling methods- think Brined Cherries + Salty Snacks, to advice on picking the best fruit to throw on the grill. She’s the author of three books, Grist, A Practical Guide to Cooking Grains, Beans, Seeds, and Legumes, Ruffage: A Practical Guide to Vegetables, and her latest, Pulp: A Practical Guide to Cooking with Fruit. Then, we turn to vegetables with food editor and author Sheela Prakash. Her new book is Salad Seasons: Vegetable-Forward Dishes All Year. The book is chockfull of imaginative uses for fresh veggies, including an amazing recipe for Spring Carrots with Burnt Butter and Labneh. Broadcast dates for this episode: April 21, 2023 (originally aired)
  • 754: Spring Cookbook Season
    This week, we’re celebrating the cookbooks of Spring 2022! We talk with British chef Asma Khan about her latest book, Ammu. The book is an homage to her mother and she walks us through her childhood eating, imagine the aroma of pakoras (onion fritters) frying during monsoon season in India! Then, we chat with Rick Martinez about his latest book, Mi Cocina and his decision to move to Mexico City to connect with his culture. He leaves us with a delicious recipe for Ceviche de Camarón y Leche de Coco (Raw shrimp and watermelon tossed with coconut milk and lime juice). We talk to Reem Assil, author of the book Arabiyya, Recipes from the Life of an Arab in Diaspora about Arab bread and why she considers it the foundation of Arab cuisine. Then, Jess Damuck gives us tips to ensure the perfect salad every time, her latest book is Salad Freak. Broadcast dates for this episode: April 1, 2022 (originally aired) April 14, 2023 (rebroadcast)
  • 778: Spring Baking with Natasha Pickowicz, Esteban Castillo, and Chetna Makan
    We’re all about baking today, from New York to Mexico to London by way of India. First, Pastry Chef Natasha Pickowicz talks to us about her favorite recipes and her baking process. Then, she shares her baking techniques, from bringing egg whites back to life to saving overbaked cakes by soaking them in delicious liquid. She is the author of More Than Cake: 100 Baking Recipes for Pleasure and Community, and she left us with her Fennel, Chocolate, and Hazelnut Spears. Then, Chicano Eats Food Blogger Esteban Castillo gives us a rundown of his favorite Mexican pastries and all the goodness Mexican panaderias have to offer, from cakes to jellos and even savory treats. He is the author of Chicano Bakes: Recipes for Mexican Pan Dulce, Tamales, and My Favorite Desserts. He left us with his recipe for Pan de Elote. And you can find more recipes on his site, Chicano Eats. Then, one of the most beloved contestants on the Great British Baking Show, Chetna Makan, talks about her love of baking and the ways she incorporates Indian spices and flavors into her sweets..Her latest book is Chetna’s Easy Baking with a Twist of Spice, and she left us with her recipe for Chocolate and Coconut Spiced 
Self-Saucing Pudding. Broadcast dates for this episode: April 7, 2023 (originally aired)
  • 738: Legendary Food Writer Claudia Roden
    This week, the legendary food writer Claudia Roden joins us from her home in London to talk about her career and her journey as a food writer. We learn about the first time she started exchanging written recipes, how she traveled and worked her way into kitchens all across the Mediterranean and how she created a singular style of food writing. She is the author of many groundbreaking books, including A Book of Middle Eastern Food, and her newest, coming out this fall in 2021, Claudia Roden’s Mediterranean: Treasured Recipes from a Lifetime of Travel. We also talk to one her biggest fans, chef Yotam Ottolenghi about his admiration for Claudia’s unique approach to food writing and historical knowledge of food and background. Plus, he shares one of his favorite recipes from his book, Plenty More inspired by one of her dishes. Photo Credit: Jamie Lau Waitrose & Partners Food Broadcast dates for this episode: July 23, 2021 (originally aired) July 22, 2022 (rebroadcast) March 31, 2023 (rebroadcast)
  • 753: An Homage to the Refrigerator
    This week, we’re shining a light on the absolutely magical, life-changing, the world-changing thing that you already have in your kitchen. The refrigerator. Maybe nothing in your home has changed the world more. Historian Jonathan Rees author of Refrigeration Nation: A History of Ice, Appliances, and Enterprise in America talks about its origins and influence on cultures worldwide. Then, Editor in Chief of Cooks Illustrated, Dan Souza, teaches us how to get the most out of the fridge we already have - from what to keep in your fridge door to why you might reconsider where you are storing your milk, and then Philadelphia Chef Shola Olunloyo of Studio Kitchen tells us how to think of the fridge as a tool to becoming a better cook. Think crispier chicken and root vegetables so delicious you will have no problem moving them to the center of your plate. Broadcast dates for this episode: March 18 2022 (originally aired) March 24, 2023 (rebroadcast)
  • 777: Chef Robynne Maii Takes On Your Culinary Quandaries & Magic Crispy Things with Nik Sharma
    Chef Robynne Maii takes your cooking questions, from homemade chili crisp to home-smoked fish & we get deep into the pleasure of crispy things with writer Nik Sharma
  • Check Out: Be My Guest with Ina Garten
    This week we’re sharing an episode from the upcoming third season of Be My Guest with Ina Garten, Ina’s official podcast from Food Network. Join the party as Ina invites friends old and new to her East Hampton home for good food and great conversation. In each episode, Ina and a guest will chat about life, love, and career all while making a delicious meal. Guests this season include superstar ballerina Misty Copeland, actor-director-TV presenter-author Stanley Tucci, singer and award-winning stage and screen actress Laura Linney, and singer-songwriter Norah Jones. Check out Be My Guest with Ina Garten wherever you get your podcasts.