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What's in that note? Stories about messages in bottles

Imagine you’re at the beach, taking in the scenery, breathing in the fresh ocean air, when the sun hits something floating in the water just right… It’s a bottle! With a message inside that looks totally intact!

Meet people who’ve found - and gotten back - their messages in bottles, and hear about one that was thrown from the Titanic.


  • Stefanie Marco Lantz, Lana & Tommy Simmons: The Simmons family received a message in a bottle as a donation at their thrift store in Statesville, NC. They tracked down its owner, Stefanie, in West Hartford, Connecticut. She had tossed her message in a bottle into the water near Martha’s Vineyard, MA back in 1982 when she was nine years old
  • Eric and Melanie Dahl: Parents of Brian Dahl, who sent off a message in a bottle when he was 12 years old in 1989. He died in 2007, and his bottle was found in 2022
  • Jack Walsh: General Manager at Cobh Heritage Centre in County Cork, Ireland. In their collection, they have a message in a bottle written by Jeremiah Burke that was thrown from the Titanic on its doomed voyage

Jessica Severin de Martinez and Catie Talarski contributed to this show, with help from our interns, Jacob Gannon and Taylor Doyle. This episode originally aired October 28, 2022.

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Jessica Severin de Martinez is a producer for Audacious with Chion Wolf.
Chion Wolf is the host of Audacious with Chion Wolf on Connecticut Public, featuring conversations with people who have uncommon or misunderstood experiences, conditions, or professions.
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