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Chion Wolf

Host / Producer, Audacious with Chion Wolf

Chion Wolf is the host of Audacious with Chion Wolf on Connecticut Public, featuring conversations with people who have uncommon or misunderstood experiences, conditions, or professions.

She is the winner of a 2021 Gracie Award from the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation for her episode, Going Flat, or Building New Breasts: Two Women’s Post-Mastectomy Stories.

She won a second Gracie Award in 2022 for the episode, I Regret Becoming A Parent.

Her third Gracie was awarded in 2024 for Best Host.

She is also a recipient of The Advocate's Champions of Pride 2021 as an "unsung hero who is making inroads for LGBTQ+ people in their fields of work and in their communities every day despite the risks or challenges."

She is the host of Other People's Poems, which happens every first Friday at Hartford Flavor Company. People share one poem they love that someone other than them wrote. Those who have their poems memorized win a loofah.

Previously, she produced and hosted The Mouth-Off - a live storytelling event at the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, and a live advice show at Sea Tea Improv's underground comedy theater called Asking for a Friend with Chion Wolf.

She is also the founder of Pedal to the Medal, a pre-Eversource Hartford Marathon bike ride that has raised over $16,000 for Hartford's non-profit, educational bicycle store, BiCi Co.

Wolf is a founding member of the Hartford-based marching band, the Hartford Hot Several. After destroying 18 trash cans with too mighty a swing, she now plays a proper bass drum with sound-activated twinkly rainbow lights inside of it with pillow stuffing to make it look like a cloud in there. There is also a very loud cymbal attached, which she prefers to hit more often than the songs call for.

Chion is also a certified judge with the International Chili Society and is unapologetic about her love for onions and white chocolate, which makes her tremendously easy to shop for.

She is a proud homeowner in Hartford's Asylum Hill neighborhood, where she cares deeply and enthusiastically for her pollinator and veggie gardens, four chickens, a couple hundred Russian honey bees, her cat, Whiskey, and her also-Russian dog, Gray.