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How protest art aims to "comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable"

Writer and educator, Dr. César A. Cruz, said, “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”.

So on this episode, meet a goldsmith who turns expired abortion pills into jewelry, another artist who uses word art to amplify messages of racial justice, and a cartoonist who puts Disney characters into dire, real-life situations.


  • Dani Coke: An illustrator and activist representing Black history, racial justice, and social dynamics through easy-to-digest drawings, diagrams, and flowcharts. She’s originally based out of Atlanta
  • Eva van Kempen: An Amsterdam-based jewelry “artivist” and trained goldsmith who tackles women’s rights, health, and individual freedoms with her jewelry creations, like a crown made out of expired abortion pills, necklaces out of IV tubes, or bracelets out of birth-control pills
  • Jeff Hong: A Los Angeles-based animation artist who went viral for his work, "Unhappily Ever After", where he puts Disney characters into rough environments to make people think about environmental and social issues

Jessica Severin de Martinez, Catie Talarski, Anya Grondalski, and Mira Raju contributed to this show.

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Jessica Severin de Martinez is a producer for Audacious with Chion Wolf.
Chion Wolf is the host of Audacious with Chion Wolf on Connecticut Public, featuring conversations with people who have uncommon or misunderstood experiences, conditions, or professions.