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Who’s inventing new instruments?

A close up of a person holding a saxophone.
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Think about it. When’s the last time you saw a brand-new instrument in a marching band?

New instruments don’t come around too often — but it’s not for lack of trying. Getting a new sound off the ground involves design, production, music expertise, composition, and fans.

It’s no easy task to invent the next best thing, but this hour we talk to inventors, composers, teachers, and the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition to learn about the future of sound.


  • Jason Freeman - Professor of Music at Georgia Tech and Chair of the School of Music who leads the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition
  • Kyle Grimm - Composer who specializes in both acoustic and electronic mediums and a Professor of Music at the University of Hartford
  • Keith Groover - The inventor of The Glide as well as a musician and music educator
  • Bosko Kante - Grammy-winning producer and inventor of The ElectroSpit

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Colin McEnroe, Jonathan McNicol, Catie Talarski, and Lily Tyson contributed to this show.

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Julia Pistell is a freelance producer for Connecticut Public Radio, the host of the podcast 'Literary Disco,' and the Managing Director of Sea Tea Improv. She also worked on Connecticut Public Radio's 'The Radius Project,' an exploration of history and culture in Hartford's neighborhoods.
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