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Sneaky Shadow/Peddlers

Season 15 Episode 9 | 23m 33s

George makes a unique friend... his shadow! When Allie needs visual aids to tell her flying cow and duck story at Storytime Showcase, George tries to use what he’s learned about shadows and shadow puppets to help Allie tell her fantastic tale!/ George learns that Mr. Renkins’ Great-Great-Grandfather was a peddler who drove a horse-drawn wagon and sold inventions to make folks’ lives easier.

Aired: 11/30/23 | Expires: 01/26/24
Ride along to school with Daniel, Katerina, Prince Wednesday and O the Owl!
After a long day, Daniel and the kids sing a quiet lullaby for Baby Margaret.
Follow the quest to recover DNA millions of years old for the very first time.
Like monkeys, parrots are also able to travel by suspending their body weight.
Explore the engineering behind Paris’s iconic landmark, the tallest structure of its time.
The Eiffel Tower was a completely novel design at the time it was built.
Surprising new evidence is rewriting the story of the giant stone heads of Easter Island.
These giant stone heads were not dragged on sleds, as once thought.
What happened to the Rapa Nui civilization is shrouded in mystery.
Giant fossils uncovered in the Sahara Desert reveal new secrets of how whales evolved.
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George learns how important rain is./George discovers a baby bird at the park!
George helps Hundley cool off at the beach./George volunteers to be a drummer at a party!
George discovers his own fingerprints./George is inspired to host his own rummage sale!
George and friends have a swimming race./George turns the apartment into a museum.
George worries his fall camping trip may be canceled!/George visits the Botanical Garden!
The Man with the Yellow Hat and friends are on a Hawaiian vacation!
George wants to do something special for Leap Year./ George volunteers to be an understudy
George helps his friends sell delicious bars./George visits an elephant sanctuary!
George gets locked out of the apartment!/ George makes some new outdoor discoveries.
George and The Man with the Yellow Hat have some adventures at the Renaissance Faire!