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Connecticut Public Radio (WNPR), CPTV, PBS, NPR and our local media partners are offering an array of reports on the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, and useful information about how to cope with the many challenges we face together during this historic pandemic.

CUTLINE: Health Equity in the Wake of Covid


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Where We Live

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LISTEN: Back To School 2021: Supporting The Social And Emotional Needs Of Students
LISTEN: Candidates In New Britain Mayoral Primary On Pandemic Education, Rising Housing Costs
LISTEN: State, Towns, Beef Up Contact Tracing Again: Is It Working?
LISTEN: Congresswoman Jahana Hayes On The Start Of The School Year, The 2022 Election
LISTEN: An Interview With The Incoming Commissioner Of The Department Of Public Health, Dr. Manisha Juthani
LISTEN: Therapist In Your Pocket? The Surge In Mental Health Apps
LISTEN: Covid Has Taken A Toll On College Students' Mental Health. How Will Schools Respond?
LISTEN: Opioid Use Disorder: A Growing Epidemic Within An Epidemic
LISTEN: A Look At Shared Housing Today
LISTEN: Back To The HYBRID Grind
LISTEN: Outdoor Dining Has Changed Our Streets. Could It Be Here To Stay?
LISTEN: How To Increase COVID Vaccination Rate With Delta Variant Looming?
LISTEN: For Some, Covid Illness Lingers
LISTEN: Live Theater Is Back
LISTEN: Go Play! The Importance Of Play And Learning In Childhood
LISTEN: The Path Back To Normal: Majority Of Connecticut Residents Get COVID Vaccine
LISTEN: Work In Progress: Going Back To Work During The Pandemic
LISTEN: As School Year Wraps Up, Connecticut Gets Ready For Summer
LISTEN: Our Pandemic Pastimes Are Here To Stay
LISTEN: House Minority Leader Candelora Objects To Vaccine Bill
LISTEN: Mashantucket Pequot Chair Butler On Gambling Expansion, Coronavirus Toll
LISTEN: Navigating Addiction (And Recovery) During The Pandemic
LISTEN: Broadband Is Essential. How Can Connecticut Close The Digital Divide?
LISTEN: Despite Equity Focus, Racial Disparities Persist In COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout
LISTEN: The Ways We Must Remember: Reflecting On The Pandemic
LISTEN: Vaccine Passports Could Be Coming as More Americans Get Immunized Against COVID-19
LISTEN: Lamont On Coronavirus Vaccination, Easing Restrictions, Gambling Expansion
LISTEN: Lawmakers On Coronavirus, Schools, Race And Vaccinations
LISTEN: What Can We Do When We Get The Vaccine?
LISTEN: Remembering One Year In The Coronavirus Pandemic
LISTEN: No Dig Gardening, No Doubt! Pandemic Victory Gardens 2021
LISTEN: Where We Teach: One Year In The Virtual Classroom
LISTEN: Pandemic Highlights Chronic Underfunding of Public Health Workforce
LISTEN: Do The Pandemic Hustle!
LISTEN: Public Health Commissioner Addresses Equity Concerns In Vaccine Plan
LISTEN: Mayor Luke Bronin On COVID Impact In Hartford, Schools
LISTEN: FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel On Closing The Digital Divide
LISTEN: Top Senate Republican On Vaccine Hearing, Governor's Budget
LISTEN: What To Expect When You're Expecting...In 2021
LISTEN: Pandemic Love Shack
LISTEN: Learning While The World Falls Apart: Education During The Pandemic
LISTEN: Ned Lamont Interview: Is COVID Vaccine Access Fair?
LISTEN: Broadband Is Essential. How Can Connecticut Close The Digital Divide?
LISTEN: General Assembly In Motion Despite Pandemic
LISTEN: Navigating Addiction (And Recovery) During The Pandemic
LISTEN: A Conversation With Dr. Miguel Cardona, President Biden's Pick For Secretary Of Education
LISTEN: Free As A Caged Bird In A Pandemic
LISTEN: As Seniors Begin To Get Vaccinated, Bridgeport Is Down A Health Director
LISTEN: Checking In On The COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout
LISTEN: Best of 2020: What Are We Grateful For?
LISTEN: What It's Like To Be A Faith Leader Amid The Stress Of The Pandemic
LISTEN: As Businesses Face A Pandemic Winter, DECD Commissioner Lehman Weighs In
LISTEN: In 2020, What Are We Grateful For?
LISTEN: New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker Says Current COVID-19 Rules Aren't Strict Enough
LISTEN: Coronavirus Chic: How The Pandemic Is Changing The Way We Dress
LISTEN: A Check-in With Governor Lamont: What Is Phase 2.1?
LISTEN: Kids In Crisis: What Connecticut Should To Do Address Children's Mental Health
LISTEN: As COVID-19 Spikes, Connecticut Restaurants Prepare For A Tough Winter
LISTEN: A Check-in With Department of Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona
LISTEN: What Do We Do Now? An Election Week Wrap Up
LISTEN: Where We Vote - Election Day 2020
LISTEN: Getting The Flu Shot Could Be More Important Than Ever
LISTEN: The Future Of Connecticut Prisons: A Conversation With Angel Quiros
LISTEN: The Show Must Go On: Pandemic Theater
LISTEN: Hartford Faces Two Health Crises: Pandemic And Gun Violence
LISTEN: Hartford HealthCare's Dr. Ajay Kumar Weighs In On Rising COVID-19 Numbers
LISTEN: Turning Over A New Leaf: Fun Fall Friday
LISTEN: What The Artist Sees: Creating During The Pandemic
LISTEN: As Connecticut Tries To Keep COVID Low, An Unexpected Tool: Poop!
LISTEN: Fall Pandemic Book Club: Connecticut Reads!
LISTEN: Connecticut Parents Continue To Face A Child Care Crisis
LISTEN: What Are The Next Steps In Reopening Connecticut? A Check-in With Governor Lamont
LISTEN: Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Pandemic: Understanding The USPS
LISTEN: As COVID-19 Spikes In Danbury, Contact Tracing Is A Vital Tool
LISTEN: 'Back To School' Looks Very Different Across Connecticut
LISTEN: To Go Back To 'Normal', We Need A COVID-19 Vaccine. But When Will That Be?
LISTEN: The New One-Room School: Pandemic Learning Pods
LISTEN: Where Did The Sound Of Music Go?
LISTEN: Congresswoman Jahana Hayes Weighs In On School Reopenings
LISTEN: Giving The New Normal The Old College Try
LISTEN: Members In Connecticut's Largest Teachers Union Want School To Reopen Online Or Follow Hybrid Plan
LISTEN: What, Like It's Hard? Preparing For The Connecticut Bar Exam In A Pandemic
LISTEN: A Conversation With Public Health Commissioner Deidre Gifford
LISTEN: Connecticut Towns Bring Back Resident-Only Beach Policies, But Is That Legal?
LISTEN: Who Is Paying For Coronavirus Testing?
LISTEN: Life After A COVID-19 Diagnosis
LISTEN: July Pandemic Book Club: Summer Reads!
LISTEN: During Pandemic, Stable Housing Is More Critical Than Ever
LISTEN: Big Plans on Campus: CSCU Prepares For The Fall Semester
LISTEN: How The Pandemic Has Magnified Connecticut's Digital Divide
LISTEN: We're Going Back To School...Maybe
LISTEN: Pride Month Goes Virtual
LISTEN: Is Unemployment Necessary As Connecticut And Other States Reopen?
LISTEN: As Connecticut Begins Phase 2 Reopening, Confusion Over Who Should Get COVID 19 Test
LISTEN: The Future Of Work: When Your Home Becomes Your Office
LISTEN: The Future Of Work: Gender Disparities In The Workplace Worsen During The Pandemic
LISTEN: The Future Of Work: What It Means To Be Essential
LISTEN: The Future Of Work: Commuting After The Pandemic
LISTEN: Alone Together Is Still Alone
LISTEN: How COVID-19 Could Worsen America's Eviction Crisis
LISTEN: Is Connecticut Flattening The Curve? A Check In With Governor Lamont
LISTEN: With COVID-19 Closing Pools, Will Drowning Risks Grow?
LISTEN: Reopening Restaurants And Re-examining The Food Supply Chain
LISTEN: How Statistics Are Helping Us Navigate The COVID-19 Pandemic
LISTEN: A Meaningful (Socially Distant) Memorial Day Weekend
LISTEN: Xenophobia During Pandemic Hits Asian Americans In Connecticut
LISTEN: Reopening Connecticut Brings Looming Childcare Crisis
LISTEN: Preparing For The 2020-2021 Academic Year
LISTEN: Will Connecticut Be Ready On May 20? Governor Lamont Weighs In
LISTEN: Many Questions Remain On Reopening Connecticut And Its Schools
LISTEN: Voting During Coronavirus
LISTEN: From Online Board Games To Animal Crossing: Fun Goes Virtual During COVID-19
LISTEN: The Challenges of Online Learning
LISTEN: How the Pandemic Affects Our Food Supply And Worsens Food Insecurity
LISTEN: Connecticut Innovators Take On COVID-19
LISTEN: When Can We Go Back To Work?
LISTEN: COVID-19 Continues To Hit Connecticut's Nursing Home Population Hard
LISTEN: Taking Care Of The Disabled During Coronavirus
LISTEN: The Science Of COVID-19
LISTEN: Look For The Helpers
LISTEN: Senator Chris Murphy On COVID-19 Response
LISTEN: A Check-In with Governor Lamont & Coronavirus Reaches State Prisons
LISTEN: Worship in the Time of Coronavirus
LISTEN: Mayor Justin Elicker On How New Haven Is Responding to COVID-19
LISTEN: Coronavirus Upends Schooling For Millions of Kids (Call-In Special)
LISTEN: Pandemic Book Club
LISTEN: How Employers Are Responding To Coronavirus
LISTEN: Schools Respond To Coronavirus
LISTEN: Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic
LISTEN: Coronavirus' Toll On Workers

Image of Colin McEnroe and his pet dog from within his home office

The Colin McEnroe Show

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LISTEN: The State Of Vax Requirements, Dunkin' Drops Merch, And Resurrecting The Wooly Mammoth
LISTEN: The Nose Is Important For The Health Of The Department: ‘Seinfeld’ On Netflix, TV’s White Guys, And ‘The Chair’
LISTEN: We Take Your Calls: The Delta Variant
LISTEN: A Meeting To Talk About Meetings
LISTEN: We Take Your Calls
LISTEN: The Exodus Of Young Evangelicals, The COVID Vaccine In Sports, And Soon-To-Be Astronaut Wally Funk
LISTEN: We Take Your Calls
LISTEN: Living With Grief In A Culture That Doesn't Like To Talk About It
LISTEN: Clocking Out Of Work
LISTEN: Going Back To The Office Bathroom; "Familect"; And, The Semiotics Of Unmasking
LISTEN: Running Toward The Fire
LISTEN: The Legacy Of Covid-19
LISTEN: We're Feeling Nostalgic For Covid Life. It Wasn't All Bad.
LISTEN: The Nose Misses The Office: 'Hemingway' And More
LISTEN: The Face Behind the Mask
LISTEN: Voter Suppression Bills; Covid-19; And, Deb Haaland
LISTEN: Covid Update; Incentivizing Polarizing Politicians; And, The Cloning Of Elizabeth Ann
LISTEN: Motels and RV's Are Enjoying A Renaissance With Millennials
LISTEN: Coronavirus Variants; A Very Catholic Inauguration; An Ode
LISTEN: The Legacy Of COVID-19
LISTEN: The Nose Says Goodbye To 2020
LISTEN: America Loves Its Heroes
LISTEN: Politics, Religion, and Football. (No Peanuts Or Beer)
LISTEN: America's Escalating Post-Election Madness
LISTEN: America Has A Pandemic Problem. The President Has A Legal Problem.
LISTEN: The Election Is Finally Here. What Happens Now?
LISTEN: What A Horror Show, 2020 Edition
LISTEN: America In The Middle Of An Election During A Surge In The Pandemic
LISTEN: Trump's Ghostwriter; And, A Covid Surge
LISTEN: Republicans And Covid; The White House Covid Tracker
LISTEN: Motels and RV's Are Enjoying A Renaissance With Millennials
LISTEN: The Supreme Court and Covid
LISTEN: The Face Behind The Mask
LISTEN: The Politics Of Police Reform And Covid-19
LISTEN: Hang Tight. It's Almost Next Year.
LISTEN: Two Political Conventions And A Pandemic
LISTEN: Can You Spare A Quarter?
LISTEN: A New Saliva Test; Politics At The Postal Service
LISTEN: The Nose Knows That It's Going To Be Tired Tomorrow, At Least
LISTEN: Covid; And, The Assault On Liberalism
LISTEN: To Bubble Or Not To Bubble: The Sports, They Have Returned
LISTEN: America Loves Its Heroes
LISTEN: Do You Speak Corona?
LISTEN: A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name
LISTEN: Coronavirus Is Still Rising, Biden Is Still Leading, And It's National Moth Week
LISTEN: A Perfect Storm: A Surging Virus and An Election Meltdown
LISTEN: Coronavirus Is Surging; Tax Refunds Will Be Delayed; Fireworks Inspire Conspiracy Theories
LISTEN: Learning How To Breathe
LISTEN: Sports In The Time After (But Kind Of Still During) Corona
LISTEN: The Facts And The Fiction Of Pandemic
LISTEN: The World (Kind Of) Without Us (For A Little While)
LISTEN: Something Different Is Happening. Do You Feel It?
LISTEN: The Convergence Of A Pandemic, Police Brutality And Racism
LISTEN: Between Two Worlds: The Liminal Nature Of Life During Crises
LISTEN: An Hour With An Old Friend
LISTEN: The Virus Is Still Here. The Only Thing That's Changed Is That We're Reopening.
LISTEN: Masks Maketh The Man (Women And Lions Too)
LISTEN: Searching For The Holy Grail Of Covid-19
LISTEN: The Nose Wants To Go To Dreamland
LISTEN: Holy Bats In A Pandemic!
LISTEN: Greenwich Republicans And Trump; This Week In Virology
LISTEN: The Sweatpants Maketh The Man (And Woman)
LISTEN: Pandemic And Moral Relativism; The Rush To A Vaccine; Asian Giant Hornets
LISTEN: The Nose Has The Hands Of A 70 Year Old
LISTEN: Did We Get The Dystopia We Were Promised?
LISTEN: How Do We Make Sense Of President Trump's Behavior?
LISTEN: The Scapegoat Is Not To Blame
LISTEN: Learning To Live In The Shadow Of Coronavirus
LISTEN: The Nose Hosts 'SNL' In Its Pajamas
LISTEN: Supermarket Shopping In The Time Of COVID
LISTEN: On Solitude And Hermits
LISTEN: When Will It Be Safe To Go Back In The Water?
LISTEN: The Nose Bought $100,000 Worth Of Anthony Fauci Bobbleheads
LISTEN: Sex and Coronavirus
LISTEN: America's Leaderless Pandemic
LISTEN: One Person's Boredom Is Another Person's Pleasure
LISTEN: The Importance of Trusting Science
LISTEN: Prioritizing Public Health; Grieving Coronavirus; Blaming "Others"
LISTEN: A Little Bit Of Soap
LISTEN: Restaurants and Coronavirus
LISTEN: The Politics Of A Pandemic
LISTEN: The Scramble On Coronavirus
LISTEN: Sports In The Time Of Coronavirus
LISTEN: The Nose Self-Isolates

The Wheelhouse

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LISTEN: 2020 Was A Year
LISTEN: Should Elected Officials in Connecticut Get COVID-19 Vaccinations Now or Wait?
LISTEN: COVID Second Wave Builds In Connecticut
LISTEN: Gov In Quarantine
LISTEN: Previewing Election Day 2020
LISTEN: More COVID, More Racist Trolls
LISTEN: Pols Return From Covid, Debates Roll On
LISTEN: CT To Review Vaccines, Halloween Safety
LISTEN: Federal Probes, COVID Inches Back
LISTEN: Sack The Quarterback Or COVID-19?
LISTEN: Pandemic Politics In Connecticut, Presidential Campaign Violence
LISTEN: GOP Convention, Tough Back-to-school Coronavirus Choices
LISTEN: Disputed Decisions On Police, Back To School
LISTEN: A Positive View Of Negative Tests
LISTEN: Seeking Freedom From Brutality, Equality On The Job, And Pandemic Safety
LISTEN: Coronavirus Political Divide, Prominent Justice Retires
LISTEN: Happy Reopening Day!
LISTEN: Prepping For Reopening, Replacing The Public Health Commissioner
LISTEN: Distance Learning Continues In Connecticut
LISTEN: The Challenges Of Reopening Connecticut; Remembering Those We've Lost
LISTEN: What Would A Normal President Do?
LISTEN: Should Coronavirus Change The Way Legislatures Do Business?
LISTEN: Elected Officials And Regular People Grapple With Coronavirus Fears
LISTEN: Open For Business Or Stay Home, Stay Safe?
LISTEN: Coronavirus In Connecticut


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LISTEN: Back To School During A Global Pandemic
LISTEN: Health Equity in the Wake of COVID
LISTEN: Expanding Vaccine Access And Combating Hesitancy
LISTEN: Rethinking Theater In A Post-Pandemic World
LISTEN: Working Towards An Equitable Healthcare System
LISTEN: Women Balancing Family And Work During COVID-19
LISTEN: Remembering CT’s 29th Black Infantry; Supporting Vets During A Pandemic
LISTEN: 2020 Is A ‘Mental Health Tsunami’


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LISTEN: Staying Connected Through Food
LISTEN: Thanksgiving 2020: Local Turkey Farmer, Hometown Hero + Etiquette For Our New Normal
LISTEN: Feeding People During a Pandemic

Audacious with Chion Wolf

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LISTEN: Revisiting US In The Time Of Coronavirus
LISTEN: Halloween 2020: The Politics, The Prophecy, And The Polarization

Image of Chion Wolf working from home on laptop wearing a Right Stuff ball cap.

Us. In the Time of Coronavirus

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LISTEN: Protector, Queen, Rascal: Meet Some Of Those We've Lost To Covid-19
LISTEN: Phase One Frenzies; Provocative Predictions; The Bread Boom
LISTEN: Surviving Coronavirus; Guns And Fear; The Backyard Chicken Boom
LISTEN: Dating, Weddings, Howling
LISTEN: Helpers Helping Helpers During Coronavirus
LISTEN: Can Your Relationship Withstand A Pandemic?
LISTEN: Better Ways To Treat Heavy Hearts
LISTEN: Holy Week During Covid-19 - What Does It All Mean?
LISTEN: Feeling Anxious? You're Not Alone.


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